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Founded in 2016, Candle Tech is a leading international solutions provider to the information technology field and its different sectors, Also we could gain the confidence of our special clients over the seas.
we are offering automated services and non-automated like, ERP System, CRM, POS.
Candle Tech is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Europe and the middle east.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Candle Tech promotes your brand using all forms of digital advertising channels to reach consumers such as SEO and Social Media Marketing.
Candle is a digital marketing agency in Europe and the middle east.

Web Development

Candle Tech creates your responsive, awesome, and high-performance website with the latest technologies

Motion Graphics

Candle Tech converts your static designs and combines your marketing ideas to motion video graphic to provide a meaningful and engaging experience for your audience

Infrastructure Construction

Candle Tech network engineers ready to design, plan and set up your infrastructure network starting from your datacenter to CCTV systems

Software Solutions

Candle Tech computerize your project to save your times and const, we already have our ready solutions such as ERP System, CRM, POS, E-commerce and more

Technical Consultants

Candle Tech always ready with the required business and technical expertise; supporting you along the way of your IT and digital Transformation way

Printing Designs

Enterprises always need the branding identity and printing designs for marketing campaigns.
Candle Tech provides you this service with high quality and professionally to impress your clients.

Cloud Computing

Candle Tech provides full online solutions for your enterprise like online ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and other online services

2D/3D Designs

Candle Tech creates or re-innovates an awesome brand, Graphic design,identity design and corporate advertising 2D or 3D technology

Our Products

Candle Ultimate ERP CRM

Candle Ultimate ERP

Candle Ultimate ERP, helps you with complete business automation
Best ERP, Point of sale POS, Stock management, service management software

Candle Ultimate ERP is web-based working on a cloud or offline; it has been designed to be responsive to suit any device, mobiles, tablets, and PCs; it’s developed to be multi-user and various roles for each user.

More Details
AMS dashboard

Automate My Social

AMS is one of Candle Tech projects, AMS is the most powerful automated platform to manage your social media.
AMS is the most powerful automated platform to manage your social media.
AMS is the ultimate solution that helps you to reduce your expenses, organizing your clients, reducing mistakes made by humans. all that with easy steps.
Setting up your bots now is really easy with few steps in AMS platform; using our drag and drop flow builder. it’s the easiest way to build your powerful bots.
Track your audience and followers engagement daily, weekly any date you can specify.
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Hosting Plans




  • Space 5 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Emails 10
  • Databases 3
  • Processors 1 Core
  • Memory Ram 1 GB




  • Space 100 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Emails 100
  • Databases 10
  • Processors 4 Core
  • Memory Ram 4 GB